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RADIO VMA is my personal experimental LIVE hub where I plan on broadcasting to facebook and youtube my own radio/tv LIVE broadcasting format.

The highest resolutions for recording will be achieved when not broadcasting live. 

With that being said, the strength of the SlingStudio system is that it records 6 channels of audio & video simultaneously to an SD card.

Once the SC card's data is downloaded to the Adobe Premier Pro CC program for editing, all of the recorded video materials are accessable for editing the perfect mix.


Imagine 2 fixed HD web cams each w/ 48k stereo audio, zoom and motion detection on each side of the subject matter. Then center a GoPro Hereo4 (HDMI) for a fixed wide angle shot or add a special guest Video Camcorder!


Then, imagine bringing in an Andriod or IPhone into the recording or broadcast  mix!

Audio would be recorded through a mixing console output or room microphones into the Sling Hub. All recorded or broadcast data is recorded directly to an onboard SD card


More than ever, our world revolves around quality audio & video delivery.

While it's true that we do depend on the spontaneous and accurate deliver of this on-line information, the production and broadcast of this format has typically been in the hands of film crews and industry professionals with high end cost prohibitive gear.

Well, not any more my friends. Much like the digital sampling technologies that ushered in the rap & hip hop era, the very latest audio & video LIVE broadcast technologies can unleash and expand the creative potential of the artist as well as the businessman.

With well over 2 decades of live engineering and production work all around Sonoma County and the globe, I am very pleased to announce my latest creative Viral Media Art venture for 2018 and beyond...


Featuring SlingStudio, the very latest multi-cam LIVE video recording and broadcast technologies for facebook & youtube. Now the only question that remains is, what can I do for you or your live production?

Music Video Sync demonstrations hosted by The Professor



Interviews and special guest performances LIVE from The Kitchen Sync.

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