Currently I'm using Mozilla Firefox as my browser and I have installed youtube

down loader apps so I can download videos directly from youtube 90% of the time.

For storage I prefer Seagate terabyte drives, currently I have 4 amounting to somewhere in the 12 terabyte range for all of my audio & video storage and archives.I back-up everything on a scheduled basis to the cloud as well as an extensive CD and DVD collection to draw from. 


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There are many ways to watch, create and store your syncs... here is my personal process and the equipment I use to make my music video syncs. I hope this helps you dive deeper into the world of music, film and synchronicity!


This is an interactive site with the primary objective of giving you the proper tools and the place to help you create and log your own personal synchronistic findings.

We begin below with the How-To Sync basics and then advance through my own personal discoveries as well as the talented pool of individuals who contribute their own discoveries and add to the advancement of this art form.


Plural / syn-chro-nic-ity

Simultaneous occurrence of casual unrelated events and the belief that the simultaneity has a meaning beyond mere coincidence.

THE Beginning is always A GOOD PLACE TO START

I believe a Music Video Sync is based on an illusion that happens to the brain and the eye when they are presented with to much information to process at one time. Although it may look like the video is in a different language at times, it is the flow and the intent of the sync to compensate for the translational difference  and give the brain the opportunity to take the line of least resistance which in most cases is my reinvented story line. It is an interactive opportunity to  participate in something that is designed to  be interpreted in your own personal way.

In my opinion a Movie Sync is based on the interaction of two completely different entertainment subject matters. Typically the Movie Sync is presented in the form of a movie video played against a previously recorded audio track or more often than not an entire album. There is little or no editing involved in a Movie Sync rather it is the interaction between the two subject matters and the effect that supports the belief that the two worlds were made for each other.




DELL computer base Inspiron XPS8000 I5core for studio work and a

DELL Inspiron 3000 I5core laptop running Sony Sound Forge for audio and Sony Vegas  Premiere with Movie Studio HD and DVD Architect for all video editing and recording.

The sync recipes below are demonstrations of 1 drop syncs.

For youtube examples of my edited music video sync channels 

see the bottom of this page!

#2 - If you are running a PC you can install Mozilla Firefox as your browser instead of Internet Explorer. In Mozilla you can download a variety of youtube downloader tools and have access to almost anything on youtube.

#1 - Get a good DVD ripping software for your computer and visit your local video rental store. You can also special order DVD's for rent through the mail a great way for locating those hard to find videos.

Here are some resources that are available to you to help you locate and acquire the materials that are the basis for most of my sync discoveries:

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